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Sat Mar 9 04:29:51 EST 1996

Since we are all gathered here to discuss coral health, it is tempting to  
say, "Oh, by the way, do you know where I can find Dr. Whomever?"  To  
that end, I will construct a Coral Researchers Directory (although I  
can't make it real fancy at this time), and I'll try to make it easy for  
you to add your name and personal information, should you choose to do  
so.  That way, we can all check the directory, rather than flood the list  
with "Whither Dr. Feelgood?" types of messages. 

To add your name to the Coral Researchers Directory send the following 
information to: 

	lagoon at 

with your name (Last Name, First Name) in the Subject line of your 

Name:		(How you'd like it to appear, e.g., Vice-Pres. Al Gore) 
Address Line 1:	 
Address Line 2: 
Address Line 3: 
State or Province: 
Business Phone: 
Business Fax: 
Other info:	(Let 'er rip, up to, say, 20 lines, if you'd like.) 

I know some of you may be tired from staying up all night slaving over a 
hot microscope, but PLEASE be careful to only send this information to: 

	lagoon at 

and not to any of the other various addresses associated with this 
program.  I really appreciate your help and cooperation. 

I'll post the whereabouts of the Directory after I get enough names (and  
enough time!).  The Directory will hopefully be updated fairly  
routinely, say, two or three times a week. 

I hope this helps facilitate networking of the coral research community. 

Take care... 

	Sincerely yours, 

	Jim Hendee 
	coral-list administrator 

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