Online Coral Researchers Directory

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at
Tue Mar 26 10:33:39 EST 1996

The Online Coral Researchers Directory is now listed as a link off the 
main CHAMP Home Page at  As you will see from 
the "disclaimer", this is only meant to supplement the various existing 
coral researchers directories within the coral research community.  I'm 
open for suggestions, but please remember that since this project is now 
operating "out of hide", we can't do much that is fancy at this time.  For 
that very reason, the Directory is not at all fancy, but it does at least 
make for some interesting reading! 

The Directory will be updated automatically every night at about 9:00 pm 
Eastern Time (USA).  If you have sent in your registration information, 
but do not see the posting, it is just because I haven't yet reviewed the 
information. I'll get to it as soon as I can. 

	Sincerely yours, 

	Jim Hendee 

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