Appropriate Subjects

James C. Hendee hendee at
Wed Mar 27 06:48:55 EST 1996

Dear Esteemed Subscribers, 

	I very much appreciate your interest in this list-server.  It  
would be most helpful if we could all confine our discussions to the  
following subjects (or at least close), taken from the original  
informational notice to new subscribers: 

	o  bleaching events 
	o  outbreaks of coral diseases 
	o  high predation on coral reefs 
	o  environmental monitoring sites 
	o  incidences of coral spawnings 
	o  shipwrecks on reefs 
	o  international meetings and symposia 
	o  funding opportunities 
	o  marine sanctuary news 
	o  new coral-related publications 
	o  announcements of college courses in coral reef ecology 
	o  coral health initiatives 
	o  new and historical data availability 
	o  controversial topics in coral reef ecology 
	o  recent reports on coral research 

	Thank you very much for your help and cooperation. 

	Sincerely yours, 

	Jim Hendee 
	coral-list administrator 

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