francois Michaud micho at
Fri Mar 29 06:57:50 EST 1996

If reply then to pecheux at 
About my Review on Bleaching (about 150p., 650 refs, and I hope quite 
good), sorry for those who read my message (terribly scrambled by Minitel 
!) and try to get it from the server !. There was quiproquo and it was 
supress from it. Never mind, it will be on Internet but I dont know when. 
In the meantime, at request to me, I will send you a MacIntosh diskette by 
mail.Cheers to all. 

MICHAUD francois 
Laboratoire de Geodynamique sous marine 
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie 
La Darse, B-P 48,  
Villefranche sur Mer, France 
Tel : (33) 93 76 37 40 ou 37 49 
Fax : (33) 93 76 37 66 
E-mail : micho at 

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