Jobs: You asked for it!

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at
Fri Mar 29 13:40:05 EST 1996


	I have set up a spot on our Coral Health and Monitoring Program 
Web site at for people who are posting coral 
research opportunities, or for those who are seeking employment.  This 
page is meant ONLY for posting information on current employment 
opportunities for coral researchers, and for people seeking employment in 
coral research. If you would like to post an employment opening, or if you 
would like to post your own personal advertisement (please, not too long), 
send your message to coral at with EMPLOYER NAME in the 
SUBJECT line of your message, if you are posting an opportunity, or YOUR 
NAME in the SUBJECT line, if you are seeking employment.  When/if you do 
fill the position, or become employed, please send a message to 
coral at with "JOB FILLED" in the SUBJECT line so that I 
can remove the posting from the list. Be sure to include the EMPLOYER NAME 
or YOUR NAME, whatever is appropriate, when informing me of a position 
filled!  Entries will be updated automatically at 8:00 pm Eastern Time 
(USA) automatically after I review the entry for appropriateness for the 

	Hope this helps! 

	Take care... 

	Jim Hendee 

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