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There is a virus in the e-book "toward sustainable publishing" so if you  
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Subject: towards sustainable publishing 

Towards Sustainable Publishing by Dr Martin Woodhouse 

This report compares the total environmental impact of a book 
created on a diskette (e-book) for reading from the screen with 
that of the identical book printed traditionally on paper. The 
book chosen for comparison is a novel -- "The Harp That Once" -- 
by Patrick Hall -- which has 220 pages in paper form, and 260 
pages when published "Illumination" format on diskette. 

The report uses Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to compare the overall 
impacts of the manufacture, use, and disposal of these two items. 
It discusses in detail the difficulties, both practical and 
conceptual, encountered when setting up this calculation. Despite 
these difficulties, it shows that the conclusion it reaches is 
a valid one; which is that, for identical books and documents, 
publishing electronically on diskette has far less environmental 
impact than doing so on paper. 

Apart from its immediate application, "Towards Sustainable 
Publishing" is intended as an introduction to the more general 
field of assessing comparative environmental impacts, a 
discipline which is of rapidly growing importance for 
environmental managers and product designers. 

For a free copy of the e-book "Towards Sustainable Publishing", 
please re-email your full postal address. 

Martin Charter, Director, Eco-Innovations Publishing (an imprint 
of Epsilon Press Ltd) 

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