Elusive Map Found!!

Maria Justine MILICI CESAL at CEnvSci.Com
Mon Nov 4 05:20:41 EST 1996

Hi Coral-List, 

Many people asked me to pass on the information about the elusive map  
I was looking for if I ever found it (the one detailing the damage to  
coral reefs around the world), so here goes: 

1.  There are maps in the back of a report titled: 

Jameson, S.C., JW McManus and MD Spalding 1995. 
  State of the Reefs:Regional and Global Perspectives.  

ICRI Executive Secretariat Background Paper, 
 US Department of State, Washington DC 32p 

I have a hard copy of this now (I picked it up at ICRS in Panama in  
July) and it says you should contact Stephen  
Jameson at sjameson at ocean.nos.noaa.gov to get a copy.  These maps  
were produced from REEFBASE.  I have tried various ways of ordering  
this cd over the past couple of weeks but, as yet, have had absolutely no luck  
at all.  I have tried emailing John  
McManus directly (Reefbase project leader), emailing the reefbase  
team (Reefbase at cgnet.com) and am now in the process of telephoning ICLARM 
 directly in the Philippines to try to  
obtain a copy.  I suspect this might be the best way to go as they  
may not be contactable thru their email all the time. Fair enough. 

2.  I also got some feedback about another map that sounded pretty good.  
Its a World Resources Institute (1995) map of Marine 
Protected Areas Threatened by Development and the Coastal Ecosystems 
Threatened by Development. They do not list coral reefs as such. They  
are in colour and show different 
LEVELS of risk. It is part of a document entitled Coastlines at Risk: 
An index of Potential Development-Related Threats to Coastal 
Ecosystems (D. Bryant, E. Rodemburg, T. Cox & D. Nielson) 1995. 
Address is: World Resource Institute 
1709 New York Ave. N.W., Washington D.C. 20006 Tel 202-638-6300 

I visited their website and tried to order a copy but have had no  
response. The website is at:  igc.apc.org/wri but I haven't been able  
to get thru to them for a couple of days. 

thats it...thanks to all the people who helped me with this...i  
really appreciate it.... 



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