towards sustainable publishing (fwd)

Dustin L. Laurence laurence at
Fri Nov 1 23:58:24 EST 1996

>This message is to alert everybody. 
>There is a virus in the e-book "toward sustainable publishing" so if you  
>get it trow it away!!!!! 

No offense to the original sender, but it doesn't help anyone to 
spread these sorts of rumors.  *Very* few reported viruses are 
viruses, so on the face of it there isn't much reason to worry. 

Second, this report comes with NO indication of what the symptoms 
are, which makes it even more likely to be an (unwitting, I'm sure) 
hoax.  People who know what they're about tend to back up their 
statements, hoaxes characteristically come with either no info or 
patently bogus info. 

Again, I mean no offense to the original sender, but without better 
info the overwhelming likelihood is that this is yet another of the 
many, many virus hoaxes that propagate around the net like wildfire. 
I hate to see these things get started or propagated without at 
least some credible reasons given. 

If anyone is very worried about this and doesn't have any local help, 
I guess I am willing to check at least a couple of disks mailed to 
me to to resolve any doubt, or tell someone else how to do it.  I 
don't really have time for it, but better that than have people 
acting on an unverified rumor. 


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