Plankton Bloom in Caribbean

Paul Hutley paulh at
Sat Nov 9 16:29:46 EST 1996

Here is a E-Mail notice from my friend John Birk about a plankton bloom in the Caribbean Sea. I think  
this would be useful to someone.  

>>I noticed a plankton bloom covering every dive site 
> >in Antigua starting mon. oct. 28 , it has not yet 
> >abated as of nov. 6. This is the worst I have seen 
> >during my 25 years in Antigua. We have checked 
> >with other dive shops in the Caribbean, and this 
> >thing stretches at the very least from StVincent to 
> >StMartin and as wide as Antigua Barbuda, StKitts 
> >Nevis and to Barbados. 
> >1...Is this of interest to anyone? 
> >2...How far does this thing stretch? 
> >3...Are we seeing something new related to global 
> >    warming. 
> >4...I would appreciate any info. 
> > 
> >John Birk 
> >Dive Antigua 
> >c/o Rex Halcyon Cove Resort 
> >P/O Box 251 Antigua 
> >West Indies 
> > 
> >Tel: 268-462-3483 
> >Fax: 268-462-7787 
> >email: birkj at 
> > 

Please also send any respones to me and John. John's email address is above. 


Paul Hutley 

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