Greenish water-reply from Grenadines

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>>Dr.David Patriquin of Dalhousie sent me your message 
>>Some info about what we know so far about the 'green water'. 
>>We will be happy to network with you,  exchange data and information on 
environment etc at any time.  
>>Dario Sandrini 
>>Kido Project Bio/Environmental Station 
>>Sanctuary, Carriacou, (Grenada) 
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>>>we can confirm the presence of the plankton and weeds in the area of the 
Grenada Bank. 
>>>This year unusually  for the second time. 
>>>We are used to this yearly flow of greenish water: the phenomenon here is 
known to be related to the  flooding of the Orinoco river during the rainy 
season from July: the mass of freshwater collects mud, nutrients and weeds 
etc from the inundated fields (Llanos) near the  river proper and is pushed 
north past Trinidad to Tobago. In September we get bits and pieces of weeds, 
wood, and in 1910 an Orinoco crocodile landed in Grenada; in 1928  an 
exhausted alligator was beached in Windward, Carriacou, Grenadines of Grenada.  
>>>This year we had the green water  twice. Last week fishermen in the South 
of Grenada reported that it had already cleared, quite possibly currents 
took the lot up further North than usual, probably undergoing some 
biological changes. 
>>>Tanky, the Dive Operator in Carriacou reported of encountering  murky, 
almost black  water, mixed with plankton and algae,  between 2 and 10 meters 
thick , like a  wall; once past the bottom edge  of the liquid wall  the sea 
was perfectly clear again.    
>>>It would be interesting to photograph/video tape the extent of the flow 
from our ultralight craft, and keep a detailed record of the changes every 
>>>I am passing on the info to the other parties. 
>>>Thanks and regards 

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