plankton bloom in Caribbean...

David Booth David.Booth at
Sun Nov 10 18:54:35 EST 1996

Large scale plankton blooms affected the US and British Virgin Islands 
around this time of year in 1992 that were attributed to the plume of the 
Orinoco River (yes that far away from Venezuela).  The folks at Virgin 
Islands National Park (St. John, USVI) have more information on this 
phenomenon.  I believe (if my memory is correct) that NOAA had some 
satalitte images tarcking the extent of the plume during 1992.  I'll pass 
your message on to friends at VINP who will be able to fill you in on details. 

Gigi Beretta 

Here is a E-Mail notice from my friend John Birk about a plankton bloom in 
the Caribbean Sea. I think  
this would be useful to someone.  

>>I noticed a plankton bloom covering every dive site 
> >in Antigua starting mon. oct. 28 , it has not yet 
> >abated as of nov. 6. This is the worst I have seen 
> >during my 25 years in Antigua. We have checked 
> >with other dive shops in the Caribbean, and this 
> >thing stretches at the very least from StVincent to 
> >StMartin and as wide as Antigua Barbuda, StKitts 
> >Nevis and to Barbados. 
> >1...Is this of interest to anyone? 
> >2...How far does this thing stretch? 
> >3...Are we seeing something new related to global 
> >    warming. 
> >4...I would appreciate any info. 
> > 
> >John Birk 
> >Dive Antigua 
> >c/o Rex Halcyon Cove Resort 
> >P/O Box 251 Antigua 
> >West Indies 
> > 
> >Tel: 268-462-3483 
> >Fax: 268-462-7787 
> >email: birkj at 
> > 

Please also send any respones to me and John. John's email address is above. 


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