Eritrean Reefs

Amanuel Melles aa608 at
Thu Nov 21 15:02:47 EST 1996

Dear Nathalie, 

You'll be surprised to learn that I'm an Eritrean marine ecologist  
(ecology and taxonomy of corals and coral reefs) who has done coral reef  
research in the past in Massawa. Mehari Gilagaber, the student from the  
Ministry who's currently in Newcastle was my student. 

I'll be replying to your mail in detail sometime soon, after I relieve  
myself of work that has piled up during my absence here. 

For now, I just want to drop you few lines to inform you that indeed  
there's info on Massawa reefs which needs to be published (limited  
part has been published). We might meet in Eritrea in 1997 and perhaps  
cooperate in joint projects. 

Bye for now. 

Amanuel Melles 
Toronto, Canada 

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