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Last Nov. 22 I saw the mail you forwarded and is as follows; 

                   USAID PROGRAM AIMS TO HELP 
     The US Agency for Int'l Development has begun a $21 million Coastal 
Resources Management Project to help combat the problem. It aims to put 
10, 000 miles of Philippine coastline under sustainable management, and 
eventually "create a local political coalition with a common interest in 
preserving the coastal environment and strong enough to defeat those who 
make money destroying it" (Steven Butler, US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, 11/25 


I live here in Cebu Philippines and although there is this USAID 
funding worth millons of dollars, I do not see any difference it has 
created regarding the ecological state of my country. 

Personally, I think that this would just be a waste of money on the 
USA part If you want to know more details, just reply 

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