data request (fwd)

A.M.Moore A.M.Moore at
Tue Nov 26 13:02:12 EST 1996

I am new to the list, and I would very much appreciate it if anyone can  
help me. 
I am looking for satellite images of the Tukanbesi Islands, which are SE  
of SE Sulawesi, Indonesia. 
This is to use as input to a GIS system, to work out info for a research 
project and management plan for the area. 
The whole project is being run on a very tight budget, and so I cannot  
afford any expensive sources of material. 
I am an MSc student in Global Biodiversity, Monitoring and Conservation  
at Hull University, UK. 
If you can help, you can contact me direct: 
Abigail Moore 
A.M.Moore at 

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