Black band disease - Acropora / Gulf-Saudi Arabia

Wed Nov 27 04:24:36 EST 1996

An outbreak of BBD was documented during August-September 
1996 in a patch reef (27 39'49"N/49 42'10"E) which is primarily 
comprised of Acropora clathrata thickets. The outbreak coincided 
with prolonged exposure to high seawater temperature. 

Coral motality due to BBD proceeded with the even-paced  progress 
of the bands, from the bases to the tips of branches. 

Mortalitity that was apparently in direct response to thermal stress 
was less orderly. Coral tissue sloughed off in a haphazard manner 
from all areas of a colony. 

To my knowledge this is the first report of BBD from the 
Arabian/Persian Gulf, and the only other reported case for 
Acropora outside the GBR. 

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