Belize coral spawning request (fwd)

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Wed Oct 2 07:09:14 EDT 1996

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Date: Fri, 27 Sep 96 13:55:51 CST 
From: Coral Cay Conservation <coral at> 
Subject: coral spawning 


Hello from sunny Belize, our Science Officer Julie Robinson is wondering 
if you could let us know when the next coral spawning will occur in 
Belize.  We know that you did some surveys on coral spawning in Belize and 
would appreciate if you could send us copies of your findings or any 
useful information that you may have. 


Henry Lanza 
Coral Cay Conservation BLZ OFFice 

University College of Belize, PO Box 990,   |  Tel: +501 2 32787 
Belize City, BELIZE, Central America.       |  Fax: +501 2 32787 

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