Evaluation of Effective Coastal Management Survey Form

Andre Uychiaoco andreu at msi.upd.edu.ph
Wed Oct 9 19:25:18 EDT 1996

Hi, we have drafted a simple form of some 120 questions for use to  
evaluate effectiveness of coastal management with special reference  
to coral reefs.  Most of the questions are such that you pick an  
answer from 1 to 3 as an answer for what is the state or what has  
been done for your particular management site.  We are looking for  
volunteers to review this form.  We can send an Excel file as an  
attachment.  This is an effort of the Coral Reef Information Network  
of the Philippines.  Please send me mail if you want to help us by  
reviewing the form (andreu at msi.upd.edu.ph).  Thank you very much. 

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