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John McManus J.MCMANUS at
Thu Oct 17 18:22:00 EDT 1996

TO:Coral List 
cc.: Carl Stepath 
FROM:Dr John W McManus/ICLARM 
DATE:17 October 1996 

Someone recently asked me for some leads into the field of coral reef  
monitoring.  As I get that kind of inquiry frequently, I though it might be  
useful to others if I put my reply on coral-list.  The courage is very  
patchy and I don't have all the complete references at hand.  However, the  
leads may be generally useful, and, to roughly paraphrase Charles Darwin, my  
colleagues may take great delight in pointing out the shortcomings.  Many  
apologies for all the important work that I left out. 


John W McManus 
email:< J.McManus at> 

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