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Dear Eric (and interested others) 

The best "book" for your purposes is the new global coral reef database 
ReefBase Version 1.0, produced on CD-ROM and released for the first time in 
Panama this year.  This has lat/longs for over 6000 named reefs.  The World 
Conservation Monitoring Centre has worked closely with ICLARM in developing 
maps of coral reefs and we now have a global coverage of coral reefs on a GIS 
with source material ranging in scale from 1:20,000 to 1:1,000,000.  This 
includes hundreds of thousands of arcs and polygons describing reefs 
worldwide, too many, I fear, for you to use to get a list of lat/longs, but 
the same maps are presented on ReefBase and will also soon go on-line on the 
World Wide Web. 

For more info on reefbase e-mail direct to 
	reefbase at 

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