Coral harvest for bone restoration

Bruce Carlson carlson at
Wed Sep 18 23:03:00 EDT 1996


Can't add much insight to help answer your question, except that Goniopora 
and, I think, Porites are both used for bone grafts.  But I want to add 
that I would be interested in receiving the same information.  Most corals 
are fairly easy to cultivate in captivity and if there is a demand the 
Waikiki Aquarium (and other "coral farmers") might be able to provide 
cultured material. 

Bruce Carlson 
Waikiki Aquarium 

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, John Ogden wrote: 

> Does anyone have any information on the harvest of corals for orthopedic 
> surgery and bone restoration?  I am particularly interested in where and 
> how such coral collection is done, what species are taken, and whether or 
> not it is damaging to coral reefs.  Does anyone know the companies that 
> prepare the material for medical use?  Thanks. 
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