coral and bones

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Thu Sep 19 09:41:00 EDT 1996

The following references may be of help for at least locating the  
Principal Investigators; then you can ask them more about where they got  
their coral. 

Pool, Robert.  1995. Coral chemistry leads to human bone repair.  Science  
267(Mar 24): 1772. 

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porous hydroxyapatite implants in periodontal bone lesions: Results of a 
1-year follow-up. Journal of clinical periodontology. Volume 22, Number 11: 

Arnaud, E.; Morieux, C.; Wybier, M.; De Vernejoul, M.-C. Osteogenesis induced 
by the combination of growth factor, ilbrin glue and coral. Development of a 
substitute for autologous bone graft. Experimental study in the  
rabbit. Annales de chirurgie plastique et esthetique. 39(4): 491. 

Doherty, M. J.; Schlag, G.; Schwarz, N.; Mollan, R.A.B.. Biocompatibility of 
xenogeneic bone, commercially available coral, a bioceramic and tissue 
sealant for human osteoblasts. Biomaterials 15(8): 601. 

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