Request for Info on Coral Implants

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Thu Sep 19 10:03:40 EDT 1996

In 1989, I did a story on coral implants for Asia Technology magazine. At that  
time, the major company in Asia marketing coral implants was a French company  
called SOFAMOR. They were purchasing their corals in New Caledonia and Tonga.  
Their contact numbers were: 

SOFAMOR Asia Pacific Ltd 
Room 1910 Asian House 
1 Hennessy Road 
Wanchai, Hong Kong 
Fax (852) 2865-2237 
Tel (852) 2528-1363 

Given the time since this story, it is quite likely that they have moved. So  
if anyone has trouble tracking them down, let me know and I can try to see if  
they are still here in HK. The company is large and sells many other products. 

Closer to home (for those in US) is a US manufacturer: 

INTERPORE International 
18008 Skypark Circle 
Irvine California 
(800) 722-4489 
In california (800) 722-4488 

The technology of turning coral into implants was developed by Dr. John Weber,  
Prof. Marine Geology and Prof. Eugene White, Solid State Science Dept. at Penn  
State Univ. USA 

Hope this helps. 

Gregor Hodgson 
Institute for Environmental Studies 
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
Clearwater Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
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