Surplus Halimeda sediment samples

ed drew edrew at
Sun Sep 22 23:41:26 EDT 1996

Now that I have finished sieving the 1100 sediment samples collected for 
of the Halimeda banks of the GBR, at last, I am left with a small mountain  
of surplus back-up duplicates which may soon be consigned to the local dump. 

However, since most sedimentology educators and alike will not have access  
to this type of material, anyone seriously interested in acquiring some  
should e-mail me for further details.  

I have in mind a cross-shelf set of four samples, sieved to gravel, sand and  
mud fractions and complete with location map. They would then be directly  
referable to my < Atlas of GBR Halimeda Banks > when it finally sees the  
light of day. 


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