Reef Health Indicator Species

Don E Baker dbaker at
Sun Aug 3 22:07:07 EDT 1997

Dear CoralList,

Can anyone give me a list and perhaps ref papers on various indicators 
species for reef health?  Soft corals seem to be a type of indicator?

Successful settlemt of certain types of hard corals may also be 
indicative of a reef's ability to adapt to water clarity and conditions? 
Any other species that would indicate reef adaptation to man-induced 
environmental changes - or reef degradation?

R&D aspects currently underway and on-going field studies are also 
applicable and of interest to me.

Please reply to my email address.  Many thanks.

Be advised that I have not received much return input concerning 
"accceptable" water quality parameters on waste loads on reefs from 
human developmt...= hence more research is needed in this subject?

Cheers from Borneo,
Don Baker

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