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Hello - 
more references to research on gorgonian growth rates have come to my
attention via the coral-list. 
There seems to be substantial interest in this topic, so here's a

Mitchell, N.D., M.R. Dardeau and w.w. Schroeder. 1993. Colony
morphology, age structure and
relative growth of two gorgonian corals, Leptogorgia hebes and
Leptogorgia virgulata, from the
northern Gulf of Mexico. Coral Reefs 12: 65-70. 

West, J.M., C.D. Harvell and A.M. Walls. 1993. Morphological plasticity
in a gorgonian coral
(Briareum asbestinum) over a depth cline. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 94:

Jordan, E. and R Nugent. 1978. Evaluación poblacionad de Plexaura
homomalla en la costa
Noreste de la Península de Yucatán. An. Inst. Cienc. Mar. Limnol. Univ.
Nal. Auton. Mexico. 5:

Cary L.R. 1914. Observations upon the growth-rate and oecology of 
gorgonians.  Carnegie Inst. Wash. Pub. 182: 79-99.  (About Gorgonia 
flabellum and Plexaura flexuosa).

Hinman, J.W. 1973.  Studies of experimental harvesting and regrowth of 
Plexaura homomalla in Gran Cayman Waters.  Reprint of the Offshore
Technology Conference.

Moreno, O., M. Merino y D.E. Jordan. 1982.  Estimacion de la edad de un
organismo colonial Plexaura homomalla (Esper) (Octocorallia:
Plexauridae).  An. Inst. Ciencias del Mary Limnol. UNAM 9(1): 345-358.

Kiho Kim (kk60 at recently published on growth rates of
transplanted colony fragments in Journal of Experimental Marine Biology
and Ecology, 1997, 215: 49-64

many thanks - Anne

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