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The Reefs of Massawa Expedition to Eritrea homepage has moved and is 
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Tim Daw.

> Just to let everyone know that the Reefs of Massawa Expedition
> (RoME)1997 leaves for Eritrea this Saturday for 2 months research. 
> RoME'97 is an IYOR expedition from Newcastle University to examine
> anthropogenic impacts on corals around Massawa where human activity
> on the coast of Eritrea is concentrated.
> Please look at our webpage at for
> more information, a full proposal and updates on our field
> activities.
> Any links from coral reef conservation pages would be very much
> appreciated. We also want to set up links to other IYOR activity
> webpages. 
> If you would like a link put in please contact mgsmith at
> who will be managing and updating the site while we are in the
> field.
> sincerely,
> Tim Daw & the RoME team.
Tim Daw
Reefs of Massawa Expedition (RoME) 1997
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