use: majordomo at instead

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at
Wed Feb 5 08:07:14 EST 1997

First, let me apologize to those of you who will be receiving multiple
copies of this message.  Many of you are subscribed to all three

Because of the recent physical change in the location of the listserver, I
would like to ask that *instead* of sending many of your administrative
requests (i.e., subscribe, unsubscribe, who, lists, etc.) to:

	majordomo at

please instead use,

	majordomo at

Hopefully, all messages sent to workstation reef will still be forwarded
correctly to workstation coral without your noticing anything.  However,
there have apparently been a few instances where there have been problems.
Therefore, if you have problems, please try resending your majordomo
request to coral instead of reef.

Many thanks for your patience.


	Jim Hendee
	Lists Administrator

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