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Guillermo Moreno moreno at
Fri Feb 7 22:16:10 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues:

I am in the process of leaving Australia to do trave through southeast Asia,
China, India and eventually Europe.  I am not looking for any permanent jobs
but would be quite interested in participating as a volunteer on sampling
trips, teaching, or helping you or your students with research.  I hope that
this sort of interaction will allow me to have a more complete feel for the
places that I will visit.  I have a wide range of skills and would enjoy to
have the opportunity to work on various projects through my travels.  I have
done lots of work with fish, invertebrates and phytoplankton.  Although my
specialty is marine science I can do whatever  people need and I am more
than keen to help.  If you are interested please drop me an email and I can
send you a CV if necessary.  Please forward this message to those people who
you think might be interested.  Thank you for your help.  Regards

Dr. Guillermo Moreno
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Sydney

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