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Hi Michael:

My marine science supply company sells water-resistant and waterproof paper.
 There are several types of paper that have different capabilities and costs,
depending upon what your application requires. 

Rite-in-the-Rain, water-resistant paper is plastic coated.  It is intended
for use in conditions of frequent splashing.  Some scientists use it
underwater with no problem.  Others report that water seeps through the
plastic coating at the edges and where a pencil has scratched the coating.
 You can write on it with a pencil or a waterproof pen, or you can pre-print
forms on it with a photocopier or a lasert printer.  Rite-in-the-Rain comes
in 200-sheet packages.  
8.5" x 11"      U.S. $16.30 (20 or more packages, $14.60 each)
8.5" x 14"              $21.10     (20 or more, $18.85 ea)
11" x 17"               $32.75     (20 or more, $29.40 each)
A-4 (metric)           $17.45     (20 or more, $15.60 each)
A-3                       $35.15     (20 or more, $31.15 each)
(These prices do not include shipping costs)

Dura-Rite paper is all-plastic, so it is completely waterproof.  You can
write on it with a pencil or a waterproof pen, or forms can be pre-printed
with an offset printing process.  This paper cannot be printed with a
photocopier or laser printer, because the heat caused it to deform.
 Dura-Rite paper comes in packages of 100 sheets.
8.5" x 11"      $22.00 per package     (10 or more packages, 20.00 each)
(other sizes can be cut at extra cost)

Dura-Copy is a premium-quality, completely-waterproof paper.  Like Dura-Rite,
Dura-Copy accepts pencil or waterproof pen. Unlike Dura-Rite, it also works
in photocopiers and laser printers.  
8.5" x 11"       $52.45        (10 or more, $49.95 each)
11" x 17"        $99.95        (10 or more, $97.95 each)

You can also get water-resistant and waterproof field books, underwater
clipboard/slate assemblies and waterproof pens.  The pens work well, but they
are an unnecessary expense, because pencil works well on this paper.  I've
been very happy with a #2 pencil in my underwater research.  Custom printing
of  forms and field books is also available.

For more information, you can e-mail me or contact:

Dr. Randy Runnels
Marine Education & Research Specialties, Inc. 
P.O. Box 10517
Tampa, Florida  33679-0517

phone: (813)254-5970

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