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Fri Feb 28 15:57:19 EST 1997

	For those of you with an interest in the Caribbean specifically, 
here is some information regarding a Caribbean discussion group.

I.  Discussion Groups on the Internet:  The Caribbean

	The term "Discussion Groups" refers to systems in which people 
post messages to an entire group;  the message is delivered to each 
group member in his/her electronic mail.  One such group is Caribb_Study.

	Caribb_Study is an open, unmoderated discussion group that is 
available to anyone who has an e-mail account.  Caribb_Study is the 
"unofficial official" discussion group of the CSA, but it is open to 
anyone who is interested, from a scholarly perspective, in Caribbean 

TO JOIN the group:  Send an electronic mail message to this address:

		Majordomo at

The message should say only the following

		Subscribe Caribb_Study

You will soon receive an acknowledgment of your subscription.
TO SEND a message to the group, post it to the following address

		Caribb_Study at

The message will be distributed to all members.
If you have any problems, contact the list manager at this address

		Malec at

[As of February, 1997, Caribb_Study has about 75 subscribers.]

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