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Jennifer Dianto aocjd at
Wed Apr 1 11:00:27 EST 1998

Attention Coral-List members:

The American Oceans Campaign is requesting your assistance to
contribute any reports, resources, brochures, curricula, posters, 
etc. regarding fish habitat conservation.

AOC, a national environmental organization
dedicated to the protection of the marine environment, is launching an
extensive public education campaign to enhance fish conservation

The outreach program will work to coordinate the efforts of
conservation groups, government agencies, marine educators, and other
interested parties to develop an educational resource warehouse to
enable increased public awareness regarding the following major

  Fish habitats are in danger
  Habitats are vital links to a healthy marine ecosystem
  Our actions impact these delicate habitats
  We can take action to protect and restore fish habitat

AOC's Fisheries Outreach Program aims to compile materials relative to
these themes into a vast database to create a Fish Habitat Web Site
that will serve as a clearinghouse of materials and information for
public accessibility.

Please contact us for more information:
Jennifer Dianto, Fisheries Outreach Coordinator
  American Oceans Campaign
  201 Massachusetts Ave., NE, Suite C-3
  Washington, D.C. 20002
  Email: aocjd at
  Phone: (202) 544-3526
  Fax:    (202) 544-5625

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