Bleaching of non-hard corals

David Obura dobura at
Sat Apr 4 04:00:35 EST 1998

Extensive bleaching is also underway among alcyonaceans and anemones on 
Kenyan reefs that are showing hard coral bleaching.  Genera in the former 
group include Sinularia and Alcyonium, and in fact I tend to see more 
sporadic and patchy bleaching, and mucus sheaths w. trapped sediment, in 
these than in hard corals.  Anemones bleach less frequently, though 
extensive stands of Heteractis (large anemone w. anemone-fish) can be 
found v. bleached.

These notes from Mombasa and Lamu-Kiunga area, bleaching in the last 2 

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