Law, Economics, Politics and Reef Conservation

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Calling on Lawyers, Economists, Policy Makers, Politicians, Social Scientists

A major theme of the World Bank coral reef meeting last October was the need
to involve other disciplines in reef conservation. Dr Ismail Serageldin, a
Bank Vice President, stressed this and I asked for lawyers, economists,
policy makers etc. to join an informal grouping of such professionals. Some
in the audience volunteered immediately.

This is a call to people from those disciplines to join an e-mail list,
probably attached to coral-list, to provide advice for coral reef managers
and scientists on conservation measures.

Advice required will vary from a response to a basic question of law,
economics or politics, to becoming involved in project teams to advise
governments or  plan MPAs, possibly requiring time in the field.  I cannot
say until we have tested the waters.

This will be a people resource listing and should be self regulating, with
those on the list determining the nature of appropriate enquiries, the limit
of personal involvement etc.  How it is managed should be decided by those

Please pass this to those not on coral-list who may be interested.

Reply to my address <C.Wilkinson at> and I will compile the answers
for a later list posting. Please indicate whether you are willing to assist
in list coordination.

Thank you

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