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Wed Apr 1 15:57:09 EST 1998

>I would like to let you know that I am working for the marine conservation
>specially for marine turtles and the corals around the offshore island St.
>Martin's of Bangladesh. It is a very small island in the Bay of Bengal. You
>can the map in big size just at the southern tip of teknaf peninsula. Very
>rich in coral and other related flora and fauna. But mostly overexploited
>due to illiterate people along with the turtles eggs. We started the program
>in 1996. But severe difficulties due to shortage of fundings. I am doing the
>job without salary for several months. Just for the interest of nature
>saving tasks I am doing so.
>Besides, due to lack of educational materials and other documentary
>materials it going to extreme difficulties day by day, as people do not
>understand what really nature is and what it shold be as. We have no scuba
>diving equipment. I was enthusiastic initially for the job but If due to
>lack of materials what could I do in the best. So if you can help me please
>inform me what sort of cooperation.
>I prefer #you manage educational materials of marine resources (I will
>translate them into Bangla for the local people); # send some video
>documentary of underwater world for peoples understanding; # It will be more
>helpful for me if you provide me an opportunity to get in some sort of
>training in marine conservation any where you like that I can apply my
>experience here in our country resources conservation. I hope you will
>decide in the best way to help me and the environment.
>Looking forward to hearing from you.
>Sincerely yours
>Mohammad Zahirul Islam
>Marine Conservation Program
>House no 15/22, Munshi bari
>South Sortha, Comilla 3500

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