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Hawai`i  Coral Reef Initiative Research Program

Request for Pre-Proposals

Congress has appropriated $500,000 for the Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative
Research Program through NOAA’s National Ocean Service. NOS and Senator
Inouye’s office have asked the Office of the Senior Vice President for
Research of the University of Hawaii to develop an integrated program that
includes projects or program elements focusing on:  

1.  Monitoring and assessment of coral reefs in the Hawaiian Islands to
improve (coral reef ecosystem) management capabilities; and/or
2.  Scientific studies of the health and stability of coral reef ecosystems
to improve such capabilities.

Pre-proposals are being solicited from university faculty and  private
sector and non-profit organizations for projects to be considered for
funding through this program. Pre-proposals must be submitted by April 19,
1998.  Pre-proposals will be reviewed by an advisory committee to the CRI
Research Program being convened by the UH Office of the Senior Vice
President for Research.   Individuals and organizations submitting
pre-proposals that are favorably reviewed will be asked to submit full
proposals by May 13, 1998.  In some cases, individuals and organizations
that submit favorably-reviewed pre-proposals may be asked to jointly submit
full proposals with other organizations and individuals.  Full proposals
will be peer reviewed prior to submissions of a funding request to the
National Ocean Service on June 1, 1998. 

It is anticipated that three to five program elements or projects will be
funded under this program by September 30, 1998.  Priority will be given to
integrated, interdisciplinary monitoring, assessment, and research
activities or activities that make the results of previous work useful and
available to researchers and resource managers.  Priority will also be
given to projects or program elements that can be completed in twelve to
eighteen months and contain a significant amount of cost-sharing.

Additional projects and program activities will be supported under this
program in the future if funds are appropriated by the Congress.  However,
projects or program elements proposed in response to this request must be
completed with funds granted during this funding cycle. Projects and
program elements funded through future appropriations may include follow-on
activities and monitoring activities recommended by the coral reef
ecosystem monitoring workshop being co-sponsored by the Department of Land
and Natural Resources and the East-West Center, June 9-11, 1998.

Suggestions for activities to be considered for funding under this program
are contained in the  record of a meeting held on April 1, 1998 in Senator
Inouye’s office.  However, no funding priorities within the general
parameters of the program have been determined and those who wish to
propose projects or program elements not raised at that meeting are
encouraged to do so.

Pre-proposals should  be submitted to Dr. Michael Hamnett, Director, Social
Science Research Institute, Porteus Hall, Room 704, University of Hawaii,
Honolulu, Hawaii  96822.  Pre-proposals can be faxed to (808) 956-2884 or
sent by e-mail to hamnett at hawaii.edu.  

Pre-proposals must include a narrative and curriculum vita(e) of the
principal investigator(s).  Pre-proposal narratives of three pages or less
must include the following elements:  (1) a brief description of the
problem to be addressed by the project, (2) purpose or objectives of the
project, (3) approach and methods to be used, (4) anticipated outcomes or
results, (5) how the outcomes or results will contribute to improvements in
coral reef ecosystem management capability, and (6) a budget that includes
cost to be funded from the program and cost-sharing.  Curriculum vitae must
be two pages or less.

Pre-proposals must be received by April 19, 1998.

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