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Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 06:39:20 -0400
From: "James T. Carlton" <James.T.Carlton at>
Subject: marbio: Biological Invasions (a new journal): Call For Papers

Apologies for cross-postings, but a great many folks are on only one of
these lists.

Papers are now being accepted for the new journal BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS, to
be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (Netherlands).

The Editorial Board includes James Carlton (Editor), Ted Case, Mick Clout,
Bruce Coblentz, James Drake, Henri Dumont, Bella Galil, Francesca Gherardi,
Peter Kareiva, Mark Lonsdale,  Richard Mack, Harold Mooney, Peter Moyle,
Petr Pysek, Maria Ribera, David Richardson, Daniel Simberloff, Ronald
Thresher, Jeff Waage and Mark Williamson.

BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS seeks to publish research papers from many
disciplines, and we hope to achieve a broad representation from work done
in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial systems.   Research papers are
welcome on the patterns and processes of biological invasions (including
both human-mediated introductions and natural range expansions), the
ecological consequences of invasions in terms of both interspecific
interactions as well as alterations to community and ecosystem structure
(such as energy flow modifications, biodiversity, and invasion-mediated
extinction), the factors that influence inoculation, establishment, and
persistence of invasions and the mechanisms that control the abundance and
distribution of invasions.  Papers are further encouraged on biogeography,
invasion genetics, dispersal vectors, the evolutionary consequences of
invasions, and analytical syntheses and overviews of invasive biotas.

Also of interest are papers on the  theoretical bases of biocontrol, and
the release of genetically modified organisms, as these disciplines
illuminate the science of biological invasions.  Scholarly papers on
management and policy issues as they relate to conservation programs and
the global prevention or control of invasions are invited as well.  Please
note that, relative to biocontrol, a new journal (BIOCONTROL) is also being
established by Kluwer, under the editorship of Jeff Waage.

The Editor and the members of the Editorial Board will also consider
proposals for devoting special issues, or a special section of an issue,
to papers resulting from conferences or workshops on invasions.  We also
intend to have a section on "Research Notes", facilitating rapid
publication of short papers on topics such as new techniques, the recording
of remarkable new invasions, and so forth.

The cover of the journal, which will begin as a quarterly, will have with
each issue a new photograph (black-and-white, at the moment, unless funds
are available for color production from the authors or their institutions)
and thus provide an opportunity for workers to submit cover photos for each
issues.  There are no page charges, and the first 75 reprints are free.

For Instructions to Authors, further technical information about the
journal, and a free sample copy (available by December 1998 -- January
1999) please contact:

	Dr. Rene Mijs
	Kluwer Academic Publishers
	Dordrecht, The Netherlands

	email:		rene.mijs at

Please submit manuscripts to:

	Journal Editorial Office: Biological Invasions
	Kluwer Academic Publishers
	P. O. Box 990
	3300 AZ  Dordrecht
	The Netherlands

For information about the scope of the journal and the suitability and
types of papers being sought please contact me (address below).

We are looking forward to a successful and we think very  timely journal!

Thank you, and my apologies again for multiple postings.

	James T. Carlton
	Editor-in-Chief, Biological Invasions
	Williams College -- Mystic Seaport
	P. O. Box 6000, 75 Greenmanville Avenue
	Mystic, Connecticut 06355 U.S.A.

	email:		jcarlton at
	telephone:	860 572 5359

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