Diaseris fragilis

Bruce Carlson carlson at soest.hawaii.edu
Mon Apr 13 14:47:19 EDT 1998


I'm sure there are others more knoweldgeable than I about this species,
but I know that in Fiji, Diaseris fragilis is locally very abundant.  This
species ranges here to Hawaii too but I have not encountered it here.

Bruce Carlson
Waikiki Aquarium

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Simon Wilson wrote:

> Dear Coral-listers
> In Oman there are plans to build a large fertiliser manufacturing plant on the coast.
>  During the baseline survey, a Fungiid coral, identified by a leading coral taxonomist 
> as Diaseris fragilis, was found.  This appears to be the first record of this species in 
> the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman or the Arabian Gulf.
> The coral was found in depths of between 16 and 20m on a drowned fossil reef.  
> The substrate was a rock platform with a veneer of coarse sand and rubble.  The 
> benthos also supported a wide range of sponge species, algae, and hydroids, as 
> well as a sparse coral community including Turbinaria mesenterina, Pavona explanulata, 
> Coscinaria monile, Stylocoeniella guntheri amongst others.
> The issue:  This appears to be a regionally rare coral species, and special measures 
> may be necessary to mitigate against the impacts of construction including extensive 
> dredging.  The issue is how rare is this species on a regional scale and what would 
> be the appropriate measures to reduce the mortality to this population.  Translocation 
> may be possible in small areas where the coral is densest.
> Questions:
> Is anyone aware of other records of Diaseris fragilis in the Arabian region other than in 
> the Red Sea ?
> Is anyone aware of a case of translocating rare corals (or other species) to sites remote 
> from pending construction activity ?
> Can someone pass on the e-mail addresses of D.A. Fisk and Bert W Hoeksema ?
> With thanks and regards
> Simon Wilson

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