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James M. Cervino cnidaria at
Sat Apr 25 11:15:04 EDT 1998

Dear Coral Listers,

Two weeks ago the Discovery News channel ran a segment that focused on the
Parrot fish and Rapid Wasting Syndrome.

ABC News produced this for the Discovery channel, and interviewed myself
along with all the other scientists involved on location in Bonaire. They
made some grave errors, and took what I said out of context. ABC was
contacted immediately, and to  correct their error, they conducted another
interview. The corrected verion aired last night  (Friday (EST) 9pm on the
Discovery Channel).

The new segment, airing now, CLEARLY explains what is going on reguarding
this issue. They stopped airing the old segment, and are showing the
correct version on Discovery News all week (check your local listing
times). They will be mentioning a corresponding letter on the issue, that
is published in the Journal of Science. This letter, which explores the
relationship between the parrotfish and fungus, has been co-written by 9
coral reef scientists who have been working very hard to understand this
complex syndrome.

More work is needed to understand this syndrome, along with all the other
coral diseases that exist in the field today. I thank Esther Peters and
Harry McCarty for all of her help through this, along with Gerard Geertjes
of University of Groningen and Kalli DeMeyer (and staff) of the Bonaire
Marine Park for all of their help in the field.

James M. Cervino
Marine Biologist
Global Coral Reef Alliance
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New York, N.Y. 11356
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