Underwater Trails

Paul Marshall paul.marshall at jcu.edu.au
Fri Dec 11 01:37:30 EST 1998

Angel Tribaldos recently requested information about Underwater trails
in Marine Parks. A group of researchers here in the CRC Reef Research
Centre and Department of Tropical Environment Studies and Geography at
James Cook University have been researching various aspects of
recreational impacts on coral reefs. Our work includes studies of issues
relating to Anchoring, SCUBA diving and Snorkelling Trails.

Dr. Graeme Inglis currently has a publication in prep. on experimental
studies of the <Impacts of self-guided snorkelling trails on coral reef
benthos> done in collaboration with Sakanan Plathong. 

Graeme can be contacted by email at:
graeme.inglis at jcu.edu.au

Paul Marshall
Paul Marshall
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Dept Tropical Environment Studies
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