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Bayu Ludvianto bayu at
Sun Dec 13 19:14:34 EST 1998

Dear Coral-Listers,
A colleague of mine that is working on algae in the fringing reef here in Bengkulu (a small remote province of Indonesia) came across a particular "beast" that are now starting to cover the old reef (well..the reef is in an early stages of succession after it's been mined for a number of years). It looks like soft coral (I am now expert in coral by the way, I work on foraminifera), it's black or dark purple, spreaded like jelly and when it is touched it's got a purple liquid coming from it (I can attach the scan picture of it  if necessary)

I would be so appreciative if anyone of you could help us out in identifying this "beast"

Many thanks in advance.


Bayu ludvianto
Dept.of Biology
The University of Bengkulu
Bengkulu, Indonesia.
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