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Fri Dec 18 08:05:16 EST 1998

Seasons Greetings, Coral-Listers,

	I have posted to the CHAMP Web Page what I consider to be an
extremely good case history of the problems and solutions involved in
establishing the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and how this ties
in with the restoration of the South Florida ecosystem.  I feel this would
be an essential resource for anyone involved in the establishment of a
marine sanctuary or protected area, wherever the location.  The title of
the document is "The Role of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in
the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Initiative," by Billy Causey, and
it was delivered at the ITMEMS 98 Conference (note: this is a PDF
document).  The document may be found at:


	Jim Hendee

   Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas
   and a Happy New Year!

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