AGRA Workshop in Bonaire

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The Atlantic and Gulf Reef Assessment (AGRA) initiative in collaboration
with the Bonaire Marine Park is holding a training workshop in Bonaire
February 1-5, 1999. The purpose of the workshop is to train participants on
the Atlantic and Gulf Reef Assessment Rapid Assessment Protocol (AGRA-RAP),
data analysis methods, and techniques on how to apply the data for
management and conservation purposes.  We will also conduct AGRA-RAP on
several areas in Bonaire to determine the condition of the reefs.  

What is AGRA-RAP?
The Atlantic and Gulf Reef Assessment (AGRA) is an international
collaboration of researchers and managers designed to evaluate reef
condition throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico using a Rapid
Assessment Protocol (RAP). The three core components of AGRA-RAP examine the
condition of hard corals, composition of algal communities, and abundance
and size of fishes. For more information on AGRA please see the web site:

Workshop Information
If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please see the web
site for information on costs, schedule, and the registration form.
Registration deadline is January 15, 1999. If you have additional questions
or cannot access the website, contact Philip Kramer at pkramer at 

The AGRA website is:

The workshop is sponsored by Bonaire Marine Park, Captain Don's Habitat,
Dive Bonaire, and the University of Miami.  Established in 1979, the Bonaire
Marine Park surrounds the islands of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire covering an
estimated 2700 hectares. For more information about the Bonaire Marine park
visit their web site at: or contact Kalli de Meyer at
(599) 7 8444 or e-mail at marinepark at
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