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Tue Feb 10 10:35:40 EST 1998

The Southern Seychelles Atoll Research Programme will undertake a multi -
and inter - disciplinary research programme to study the shallow marine
and terrestrial environments and environmental history of 4 remote islands
in the Southern Seychelles, Indian Ocean, incorporating studies of i) 
island stratigraphy and topography; ii) shallow marine hydrodynamics and
sedimentation; iii) coral reef structure and ecosystem functioning;  iv)
population dynamics of reef-dwelling fish and turtles; and v) reef
invertebrates and bioerosion. The Programme includes training components
for local scientists and is focused towards the preparation of
scientifically-informed management plans. 

Our prime focus will be the sea-level platform reef complex of Providence
- Cerf and the raised reef island of St. Pierre, with visits to Alphonse
Atoll, Southern Amirantes on the outward leg, and Aldabra Atoll on the
return leg.  If time allows, we may also visit the islands of Farquhar
and/or Cosmoledo. These are sites where all team members have a scientific
interest and opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaboration; and where
the Research Programme can make a significant contribution to scientific
knowledge of this region.

The following are the primary areas of interest of the scientific
1.  Physical geography and island geology
2.  Benthic community structure and coral species inventory
3.  Coral reef fish community structure and species inventory
4.  Reef invertebrates and bioerosion
5.  Marine turtles

The expedition is due to leave from Mahe Seychelles on 18 MARCH 1998 and
return 8 MAY 1998.

We currently have 7 members of the scientific team and are seeking ONE

This member MUST have extensive field experience and have the scientific
background to compliment the physical geography and island geology portion
of the programme.  As each member is making a financial contribution to
the funding of the expedition the member being sought will be required to
contribute £2000 ($3300 USD).  This will cover the costs on board the ship
BUT does NOT include airfare to the Seychelles, local costs in Mahe and
personal equipment.

CLOSING DATE:  1200 GMT Friday 20 FEB 1998

All interested persons should please send  (email/fax preferred) a one
page letter of application and a brief CV (3 page MAX) to:

Dr Tom Spencer
Cambridge Coastal Research Unit
Department of Geography
University of Cambridge
Downing Place
Cambridge  CB3 2EN

Tel. +44 (0) 1223 333350
Fax  +44 (0) 1223 355674

email:  ts111 at

Kristian A. Teleki		Tel   +44 1223 333399 (General)
Cambridge Coastal Research Unit       +44 1223 339775 (Direct)
Department of Geography
University of Cambridge		Fax   +44 1223 355674
Downing Place			
Cambridge  CB2 3EN		Email: kat1003 at
United Kingdom

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