Coral conservation, part 2

Stephanie Bailenson Stephanie_Bailenson at
Wed Feb 11 12:17:45 EST 1998

Some members have told me that they have been unable to access HR 2233 via the 
long string I sent in my original message.  I'd suggest going to 
and entering HR 2233 in the Quick Search box.  This will bring you to the 
options for this Bill.  You can access the text version that was referred to the
Senate as well as earlier drafts, amendments, and the House Committee Report.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Stephanie Bailenson

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Subject: Coral conservation
Author:  Stephanie Bailenson at Commerce-DC
Date:    2/10/98 4:03 PM

     Greetings.  I am a Sea Grant Fellow working in the office of the 
     Senate Subcommittee on Oceans and Fisheries.  We are currently 
     reviewing a bill that passed through the House that targets coral reef 
     conservation.  I am writing to invite you to submit to me your 
     questions, comments, or concerns to assist us as we go through the 
     markup and amendment process.  Let me know what is good, bad, or 
     missing.  You can access the text  of the bill (H.R. 2233) directly at|bss/d 

     I know it is long but it will take you directly to the bill.  You can 
     also access legislative history via and inputting 
     HR2233 in the quick search box.

     I am particularly interested in comments regarding the definition of a 
     coral reef in Section 3, part 2.

     You can reply directly to me at 
     <stephanie_bailenson at>

     Thank you,
     Stephanie Bailenson

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