Anti-Fouling & Reef Ecology

DBaker dbaker at
Sat Feb 14 16:32:58 EST 1998

Hi Coral-L,

Can someone summarize the chemical reaction that makes anti-fouling
paints effective in detering marine life from attaching to boat hulls -
from a small row boat to a super tanker?  What types of anti-fouling
paints are commonly used?  Are there any systems that utilize an
electrical discharge field rather than paints?

I am also curious as to how this may affect the marine ecology -
especially coral reefs.  Can marinas & coral reefs "live" together or
will the anti-fouling [and ,of course, other waste loads associated] be
a toxic problem?  I have heard of marinas virtually destroying nearby
ecosystems in Europe based on anti-fouling residues.  Is this true?

If a small boat's anti fouling paint has a toxic effect to its
surroundings...then can we imagine the effect that a large cargo ship
has?  ...Or, an entire harbor full of large ships?

Anyone have opinions & data on this syndrome?

Don Baker

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