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Second Circular - Note March 20 application deadline.

1998 Advanced Courses in Tropical Marines Sciences
Mote Marine Laboratory's Pigeon Key Marine Research Center
16-23 August, 1998

The following courses are offered for advanced undergraduates and graduate
students. Working professionals desiring to gain current information in
these topic areas are also encouraged to apply. The courses take a
hands-on approach and address current issues in the respective fields.
Each course will be limited to 12 students.

Reproduction and Recruitment in Tropical Marine Fishes
Jonathan M. Shenker, Ph.D., Florida Institute of Technology

Description: This course will address topics ranging from reproductive
behavior and physiology to a "larva-eye" view of the pelagic environment
to broad ocean-wide processes that affect recruitment. There will be focus
on characterizing various processes as possible "bottlenecks" in the
population dynamics of fish species, and the implication of these
bottlenecks for fisheries management. Both general principles as
well as details specific to the Florida Keys will be discussed. Larval and
juvenile fishes will be sampled from pelagic habitats for taxonomic
analysis,  behavior observations and measurements of growth rates,
including age/growth estimation through otolith analysis. Fish behavior in
the field will also be observed.  Experiments will be conducted to
quantify nightly recruitment levels at artificial reefs deployed near
Pigeon Key. Student teams will coordinate collection of different data
sets for presentation at end of class.

Prerequisites: College level biology courses are required. Courses in
vertebrate zoology, fisheries biology, developmental biology, ecology,
physical oceanography and general marine sciences will be helpful. SCUBA
optional. Course cost: $750.00


Diseases of Corals and Other Reef Organisms
Esther C. Peters, Ph.D., Tetra Tech, Inc.

Description: During the last two decades, the potential for severe impacts
to coral reef populations and communities from the effects of various
diseases has been recognized. Diseases have been described affecting
corals, fish, coralline algae, and sea urchins, sometimes with
wide-ranging effects. This course will introduce students to the field of
pathobiology of marine organisms. The focus of lectures, dives and
laboratory sessions will be on diseases affecting hard corals, but
information will also be presented on diseases of other reef
organisms.Methods of studying diseases will include collection of field
monitoring data and physiological, histological and microbiological
techniques. The course will provide students with a state-of-the-art
overview of reef pathobiology, experience with relevant techniques, and an
understanding of the need for a multidisciplinary approach to its study.

Prerequisites: College level biology courses and SCUBA certification are
required. Courses in invertebrate zoology, microbiology, ecology,
chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, histology or marine sciences will be
helpful. Course cost: $800.00.


The PKMRC is not offering credit through any institution. However, the
PKMRC and instructors will work with the students' institutions to provide
credit if possible (through directed studies, research courses, etc.). The
student, or institutional representative, should then let the instructor
know what requirements are necessary. For example, credit-seeking students
may have to write a paper or take an exam. This approach allows us to keep
our costs down and eliminate any potential dificulties with transfer of


The course fee includes all course materials, accommodations (in the
newly-restored, historic dormitory), all meals (dinner, 8/16 through
breakfast on 8/23), SCUBA costs and weights. Participants should provide
mask, fins and snorkel and, if diving, their own regulator, BCD and weight
belt.  Use of SCUBA equipment requires completion of additional forms,
medical clearance and acceptance by the Mote Marine Laboratory Diving
Safety Officer.

Key  Dates

        20 March, 1998 - Application receipt deadline.

        3 April, 1998 - Acceptance packets mailed out.

        1 May, 1998 - Deposits due.

        12 June, 1998 - Last day to request refunds.

        31 July, 1998 - Balance and dive forms due.

        16 August, 1998 - Courses start.

For more information and application materials, contact:


Erich Mueller, Ph.D., Director      Phone: (305) 289-4282
Mote Marine Laboratory              FAX:   (305) 289-9664
Pigeon Key Marine Research Center   Email: emueller at mote.org
P.O. Box 500895
Marathon, FL   33050

Web pages: http://www.mote.org/~emueller/pkmrc.html

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