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Tue Feb 17 04:45:50 EST 1998

In response to recent enquiries, please see below from the Coral-List
Welcome Message, and following further reminder.

> ...Appropriate subjects for discussion might
> include:
> 	o  coral bleaching events
> 	o  outbreaks of coral diseases
> 	o  high predation on coral reefs
> 	o  environmental monitoring sites
> 	o  incidences of coral spawnings
> 	o  shipwrecks on reefs
> 	o  international meetings and symposia
> 	o  funding opportunities
> 	o  marine sanctuary news
> 	o  new coral-related publications
> 	o  announcements of college courses in coral reef ecology
> 	o  coral health initiatives
> 	o  new and historical data availability
> 	o  controversial topics in coral reef ecology
> 	o  recent reports on coral research

...or anything else related to preserving coral reef ecosystems, including
new coral-related Web Page announcements.  The marbio, and other
listservers, may be more appropriate for other topics.

Please make comments as succinct as possible, post your messages in plain
ASCII (not attached word processing documents, not HTML code), no
advertisements for commercial (or personal) purposes, and be nice!

Thank you for your continued support of coral-list.

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