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Dear Andrew,

Fungia scutaria, although free-living, is a zooxanthellate coral.
Specimens of this species are commonly found on shallow reef flats
and upper reef slopes, where they are usually exposed to much turbulence
light (Veron 1986, Hoeksema 1989, 1990).

Hoeksema, B.W., 1989. Taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography of
mushroom corals (Scleractinia: Fungiidae). - Zool. Verh. Leiden
254: 1-295.
Hoeksema, B.W., 1990. Systematics and ecology of mushroom corals
(Scleractinia: Fungiidae). PhD-thesis University of Leiden,
pp 1-471.
Veron, J.E.N., 1986. Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific.
Angus & Robertson Publishers, North Ryde, NSW, Australia, pp
i-xii, 1-644.

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> Dear Wilson
> regarding the central hypothesis of your work, ie that coral larval
> vitality is improved by the presence of clams by increased availability of
> zoox in the water column..
> It is generally accepted that non-zooxznthellate coral larvae do not pick
> up zoox. until after settlement. There is only one non-zooxznthellate
> species, Fungia scutaria,  which has been demonstrated to collect larvae
> while in the plankton ( Krupp 1983 Coral Reefs 2:159-164), though this is
> an obvious area for future research. Nonetheless, the increased
> availability of zoox may increase the survivorship of coral recruits. Again
> this might be an interesting area for you to examine..

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