Bolca fishes and coral spawning

Julian F. Sprung JSprung at
Tue Feb 24 00:01:42 EST 1998


If the fish were killed by an event that suffocated them it seems they
would have rotted and therefore not been preserved. 

Doesn't it seem more likely that a major seismic tragedy simply drained the
water away suddenly, leaving them in mud which rapidly dried and thus
preserved them?

I saw the fascinating article in Coral Reefs. I know little about the Bolca
fishes other than that they were so well preserved that even skin patterns
are visible. This makes me feel certain that they were dried. Leave a dead
fish in water and you have mush and bones in a few days unless the water is
sterilized. I don't suppose that there was a Clorox or formalin reserve in
the vicinity of this region.

Julian Sprung

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