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Hello coral -listings,

I came across information regarding hermatypic corals that need to be
"innoculated" with zooxanthellae.  I do know that coral get infected with
zooxanthellae in may ways.  One is that it is passed from its parent; in
the larva or in the eggs.  At the same time, some adult corals release
their egss and larva without the presence of the algae, thus need to be
infected from the water column.  Finally some coral larvae will be
infected after the settlemnet process.  Another , book the I read
mentioned that basically, coral with large polyp, produced eggs which
zooxanthellae was evidently absence.  My problem is that the information
did not went further to list out the species of coral larvae/eggs which
zooxanthellae is absence.  Is anybody out there have this particular
information to be shared to me.


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